No more hassles, no more chaos. DocAve provides comprehensive solutions to help automate and simplify SharePoint Management tasks – including administration, content management, deployment, replication, storage optimization, and monitoring – whether deployments are hosted on premises, in the cloud, or hybrid.

DocAve makes SharePoint the ideal collaboration platform where end users love to work and IT administrators can quickly respond to business requests in order to keep everything under control.

What our CUSTOMERS are saying about DocAve Software :

DocAve is a reliable, solid, and easy way to manage SharePoint. The UI was very clear and it also gave us the ability to choose from multiple products to meet our management needs within one fully integrated platform.”

Regie Algoe - Technology Engineer, DVB Bank

SharePoint Administration

Regardless of whether deployments are on premises, hybrid, or Office 365-hosted, DocAve Administrator easily controls settings, configurations, and permissions at any SharePoint object level.

Quickly identify assets and implement configurations or security changes in bulk, reducing overall management complexity


Enhance records management with DocAve Archiver by maintaining immutable, read-only copies of archived SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online content in accordance with retention policies, with the ability to search, view, and restore archived content at any time.


Does your site structure no longer make sense for your current business objectives? Save copy/paste operations for Microsoft Word. Stop manually copying and moving content, losing valuable metadata and security settings in the process.

Easily restructure your SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online environments with precision using DocAve Content Manager .


Have a difficult time managing your SharePoint configurations, customizations, and solutions through your various stages of deployment?

DocAve Deployment Manager helps enterprises lower operational costs and improve IT efficiency by allowing easy deployment of SharePoint customizations and configurations, automating SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online implementation from staging to production. Integration with Rencore’s SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF) ensures the customizations you are deploying are secure and in line with best practices.


Need to respond to litigation requests with speed and precision?

With DocAve eDiscovery , you are able to simplify data search with flexible, complete metadata, and full-text based search options through both active and archived SharePoint content and newsfeeds.

SharePoint Replication

Need to ensure optimal SharePoint performance and content availability across dispersed farms and Office 365?

Using DocAve Replicator , administrators can choose either real-time or regularly scheduled synchronization of SharePoint data on premises, in the cloud, or across hybrid deployments, ensuring that all users will access the same content – in the same way. Instill trust in your end users that SharePoint is the single source of truth for knowledge in the enterprise.


Is your organization storing large amounts of unstructured data in SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, or SharePoint 2010 SQL Servers, causing expenses to rise and SharePoint’s performance to decrease?

DocAve Storage Manager combines multiple real-time and scheduled business rules to externalize BLOB content based on file size, type, or other document properties.


Need to provide full transparency into your SharePoint environment to instill trust among administrators, business users, and content owners?

By generating customizable reports and alerts with DocAve Report Center , users can easily view and monitor the entire platform as well as individual sites usage, topology, performance, storage trends, and SharePoint social activity.

Customer Testimonials

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