AvePoint is proud to be one of Microsoft's very first Microsoft SharePoint Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) when the platform debuted in 2001. Today, AvePoint is a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner, Gold Cloud Platform Partner, and Gold Collaboration and Content Partner.


AvePoint and Microsoft enjoy a holistic alliance that incorporates technology, sales, and marketing to ensure that together we can help organizations worldwide improve business productivity and realize their goals using Microsoft technologies.

Working closely with Microsoft in advance of major product releases, AvePoint ensures that its flagship product, the DocAve Software Platform, continues to meet the changing needs of SharePoint users worldwide with its fully integrated management and governance solutions for SharePoint. AvePoint standardizes its software solutions on all Microsoft methodologies and APIs, and is also a preferred Microsoft-approved vendor for installation on Office 365 Dedicated servers after successfully completing the Microsoft SharePoint Online Code Analysis Framework (MSOCAF) testing.


AvePoint Apps Release Notes

Since 2008, AvePoint and the Microsoft Technology Centers (MTC) have a global partnership alliance which enables MTCs' staff of technology experts to utilize AvePoint's solutions when assisting organizations in designing a SharePoint deployment that meets their dynamic business and technical needs. AvePoint also works with the MTC in optimizing its own SharePoint environment: Read our case study on how DocAve reduced total migration time to the MTC's hosted SharePoint 2010 environment by two months.

AvePoint's global team – spanning 25 offices on 5 continents – includes Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, more than 70 Microsoft-certified engineers, and over 700 developers – the largest SharePoint-focused research and development group outside of Microsoft. Many members of our team also regularly attends community events worldwide, including Microsoft TechEd, SharePoint Saturdays, SharePoint User Groups, and SharePoint Conference.



AvePoint's DocAve software products simplifies the deployment, monitoring, and enforcement of Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 governance policies. As a fully integrated platform, DocAve products help organizations migrate to SharePoint, and enable centralized or delegated management of SharePoint farms hosted on-premise, or in private and public clouds such as Microsoft® Office 365. Manage development, test, and production farms with ease, and govern solution and component deployment with DocAve's application lifecycle management tools. DocAve products allow organizations to migrate to the latest SharePoint version, as well as take advantage of the capabilities the latest platform has to offer. All DocAve products leverage only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and APIs.

To learn more about the various SharePoint capabilities and technologies DocAve products integrate with and support, please reference the table below.

SharePoint Technology or FeatureDocAve Integration and Support
Managed Metadata Service For organizations looking to leverage SharePoint 2010's Managed Metadata Service (MMS) for enhanced content management – to expand current implementations or as part of a new deployment – in support of enterprise content management (ECM) requirements, AvePoint's DocAve® Software Products offer a range of capabilities to support MMS configuration, content tagging with managed metadata, and subsequent management and protection requirements.
External BLOB Storage (EBS) and Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) APIs AvePoint has developed a custom BLOB provider to help organizations better manage the SharePoint content lifecycle and optimize SharePoint storage costs. AvePoint's DocAve BLOB provider supports the externalization of content from SharePoint's SQL Server content databases to hierarchical storage based on highly customizable business rules through DocAve Storage Manager, as well as the shallow-copy import of existing File Share content into SharePoint without migration through DocAve Connector.
Out of the Box & SharePoint Designer Workflows * AvePoint offers the most robust data protection and management solutions with the DocAve Software Platform . DocAve Backup and Restore offers truly comprehensive protection of all SharePoint assets, including out of the box workflows – even definition and state – so that in the event of data corruption, accidental deletion, or disaster, all SharePoint assets remain fully protected and recoverable. To assist with the deployment and management of workflows, DocAve Deployment Manager supports the promotion of workflows throughout the staging process, so your production environment remains stable and only proven, tested workflows are deployed. Additionally, workflows are maintained when synchronizing sites within or across SharePoint environments with DocAve Replicator, and organizations are able to have unmatched insight into workflow status and activity with comprehensive reporting and monitoring available in DocAve Report Center . To be able to selectively filter for content subject to archival , migration , or another management task, workflow status can be utilized as a metadata filter.

* DocAve also supports 3rd party workflow applications such as Nintex Workflow 2010.

SQL Server

AvePoint's DocAve software products support the latest versions of Microsoft SQL Server, utilizing SQL Server resources to store report, audit, and other system data, as well as optimizing organization's utilization of SQL server by offloading content inappropriate for SQL's structured databases to hierarchical storage systems.

Microsoft Azure

AvePoint's DocAve software products support Microsoft Azure in a number of ways. For organizations looking to move all infrastructure assets to the cloud by utilizing Microsoft Office 365 to host SharePoint content, DocAve Online is hosted on Microsoft Azure and offers a range of powerful administration, backup, and content management capabilities as a service.

For organizations looking to utilize cloud computing, but maintain more control by hosting SharePoint assets on dedicated Microsoft Azure infrastructure, AvePoint supports the migration to and management of cloud based assets with the DocAve Software Platform.


AvePoint Apps Release Notes

AvePoint Public Sector, Inc., an independent subsidiary of AvePoint, Inc., is one of the first Microsoft partners to participate in CityNext, an initiative designed to help governments, businesses and citizens reimagine what is next for their cities. Through the CityNext initiative, Microsoft and AvePoint Public Sector will help leaders to do “new with less,” by combining the power of technology with innovative ideas to connect governments, businesses and citizens with city services that increase efficiencies, reduce costs, foster a more sustainable environment and cultivate communities where people thrive.

To learn more, please visit the CityNext website.

AvePoint selected as a finalist for Partner of the Year Award for Public Sector – Government

Finalist Microsoft Partner 2016

AvePoint’s finalist acknowledgement for the 2016 Microsoft Partner of Year Award for Public Sector – Government is due to its ability to provide innovative and unique products, solutions, and services to government organizations, including federal, state, and local agencies.

AvePoint named Microsoft 2016 Partner of the Year for Technology for Good Citizenship

Winner Microsoft Partner 2016

AvePoint has won the 2016 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in Technology for Good Citizenship due to its work with Microsoft and the International Organization for Migrations (IOM) to develop 6Degree.org, the first-ever Azure-based crowd funding portal to help human trafficking victims in ASEAN countries. Its third consecutive years Microsoft Partner of the Year Award – including wins in 2015 for Collaboration and Content and 2014 for Public Safety and National Security – AvePoint continues to be recognized for excellence in innovation and implementation of solutions based on Microsoft technology.

AvePoint Wins 2015 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Collaboration and Content

Winner Microsoft Partner 2015

AvePoint was chosen as winner of the 2015 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in Collaboration and Content due to its commitment to providing its comprehensive, pre-built, end-to-end DocAve Software Platform for the entire range of SharePoint management, optimization, and productivity – including on premises, cloud, and hybrid deployments.

AvePoint Public Sector Named Winner of 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Public Safety & National Security

AvePoint Apps Release Notes

AvePoint Public Sector was chosen as winner of the 2014 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Public Safety and National Security due to its work with all branches of the country's national security agencies to protect, manage, and optimize their mission-critical, highly sensitive Microsoft SharePoint deployments. Through AvePoint Public Sector, agencies are able to diminish security breaches, minimize data spillage, control Personally Identifiable Information (PII), satisfy all e-Government requirements, streamline cross domain management, and empower their mobile workforce.

AvePoint Named a Finalist for the Microsoft Office and SharePoint App Developer Partner of the Year Award

AvePoint Apps Release Notes

As a finalist for the 2014 Microsoft Office and SharePoint App Developer Partner of the Year Award, AvePoint was recognized for its AvePoint Meetings productivity app. Through the app, organizations can utilize SharePoint for real-time collaboration before, during, and after meetings. By implementing AvePoint Meetings, users can streamline the creation of organizational meetings, provide flexible meeting agenda and discussion topics, fully audit meeting minutes for tracking and historical search, and improve organizational tracking and visibility.

AvePoint Named a Finalist for Three 2013 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards

AvePoint Apps Release Notes

Microsoft recently announced the winners and finalists of the Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards 2013, which honor Microsoft partners for delivering innovative solutions during the past year directly addressing customer challenges.

With 44 awards celebrating each core Microsoft partner competency – including technology, Windows 8, and Microsoft Office and SharePoint applications – more than 3,000 entries collected from more than 100 countries, and each partner nomination judged blindly three times from a panel of more than 600 Microsoft subject matter experts, it’s a great honor for AvePoint to have been named finalists in the following categories: Collaboration and Content Partner of the Year, Office/SharePoint App Developer Partner of the Year, and Public Sector Partner of the Year – Public Safety/National Security.