The immediate draw to cloud computing is clear: reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and less hardware for IT administrators to maintain. Organizations that are cautious about switching to cloud computing, but want to start enjoying its potential benefits today, can do so with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AvePoint.

AvePoint and AWS combine scalable content capturing and integration, data protection, and storage management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint.


AWS provides a robust infrastructure solution for hosting virtual machines in the cloud, addressing many of the on-premise challenges of managing a data center. Many of the proposed benefits – such as rapid scalability and a reduction of capital expenditures – are real, but the move to the cloud must be done in incremental steps by moving workloads one at a time. During this transition, tightly integrated solutions such as SharePoint are detached, creating content separation challenges.

AvePoint’s DocAve Software Platform comes to the rescue by providing solutions to seamlessly bridge this gap, providing organizations with a single platform to manage both on-premise and cloud-based environments.

All of the on-premise benefits – such as reducing storage costs, optimizing farm performance, and recovering content in minutes – are all available from AWS-hosted SharePoint systems, driving even more value out of a cloud transition.


  • AvePoint & Amazon Web Services: SharePoint in AWS

    This white paper outlines best practices for successfully hosting Microsoft SharePoint utilizing AvePoint and Amazon Web Services.

  • Solution Brief

    Extend SharePoint’s information architecture to the cloud and maintain optimal performance with Amazon Web Services and AvePoint.

  • On-Demand Webinar

    Hosted by AvePoint’s Enterprise Trainer & Evangelist, Randy Williams, and Amazon Web Services’ Ecosystem Solutions Architect, Kevin Wittkopf.


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