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Office 365 Migration Level: Expert

It’s no longer a matter of “if” your organization is moving to Office 365.

The game has been set and the controls have been passed to you to determine “when” and “how” will you get there, and “what” content should you take to Office 365.

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Optimizing your Office 365 Migration Webinar

Webinar – AvePoint’s Cloud Arcade Presents: Optimizing Your Office 365 Migration

Date: Wednesday, April 6th at 2 PM EST

Audience: IT Administrators; IT Managers; Project Managers; C-Level

Like the toughest games from the golden age of the arcade, your Office 365 migration will come storming at you with unique challenges that rapidly increase in difficulty as you progress to each stage. With obstacles coming at you from every direction, you can count on AvePoint’s expertise in understanding, moving, and transforming data to teach you about the following Office 365 migration phases:

  • Considerations: Understand the benefits and limitations for different deployment options and determine which service is right for you.
  • Discover: Understand the customizations, workflows, information architecture, and amount of content your source environment contains to ensure your migration project goals are achievable.
  • Assess & Classify: Get a handle on unstructured data in legacy systems and file shares to make more informed decisions regarding what data to keep on premises, what is cloud-ready, and what can be easily removed or archived.
  • Plan & Design: Identify the people, processes, and technology required to support your Office 365 migration. Break the migration down into a series of batches or phases to understand the business implications every step of the way.
  • Migrate: Utilize industry-leading best practices to help you complete a successful Office 365 migration while ensuring minimal business disruption.
Sag Baruss

Speaker: Sag Baruss,
Sr. Solutions Architect at AvePoint

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AvePoint’s Cloud Arcade Blog Series: Office 365 Migration

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Meet Our Office 365 Migration Experts:

John Hodges

John Hodges

John is Vice President of Product Strategy at AvePoint with 10 years of experience developing compliance solutions that address modern data privacy, classification, and data protection needs for organizations worldwide.

John Peluso

John Peluso

Microsoft Certified Trainer and Sr. VP of Product Strategy at AvePoint, John brings over 20 years of experience helping organizations understand how they can drive secure collaboration and business productivity through an effective use of technology.

Paul Olenick

Paul Olenick

Paul is the Director of Product Strategy for AvePoint and a recognized Microsoft expert, having been named a Microsoft MVP for the last 4 years, Microsoft Virtual Technical Solutions Professional (V-TSP), and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCT).

Sag Baruss

Sag Baruss

Sag is the Sr. Solutions Architect at AvePoint with over 15 years of experience designing, implementing, and operating services built around the Microsoft technology stack. He specializes in information architecture, enterprise security, and systems management.

"AvePoint helped us perform a high-quality Office 365 migration that carried over our metadata and retained versioning for all of our SharePoint 2010 business content, which would not have been possible without the software."
"By automating our Office 365 migration with DocAve and retaining all permissions throughout the process, we were able to ensure compliance with our internal policies." ​

Awards and Recognitions

Microsoft Partner of the Year 2016 Winner
Microsoft Partner of the Year 2015 Winner
Microsoft Partner

Get safely to the cloud with the proper Office 365 migration tools.

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