Our Mission

AvePoint's mission is to be the catalyst of business transformation by empowering organizations with relevant technologies that are efficient, secure, and well governed.​

Our Vision

AvePoint's vision is to constantly innovate and adapt in an ever-changing business landscape by maximizing our ingenuity, business sense, and technical expertise to build solutions that allow our customers to accelerate their business success.​

We are unwavering in our passion, tenacity, and commitment to our employees' success and our customers' ability to make a difference in their market.

The AvePoint logo symbolizes a rising sun just above a mountain, but also a person with a bowing head. That's our attitude – dream big and make a positive difference, but always with humility.

As lifelong students of business, we are constantly learning from our employees and clients. This enables us to evolve and meet their needs while always remaining accountable, trustworthy, and humble.​